OLO Fragrance

by OLO

OLO Fragrance



OLO is a tiny fragrance line based in Oregon. Each fragrance is hand blended and bottled to order. These scents are perfect for those who don't like perfume, but like smelling good. Each scent is distinctly evocative of a place or mood and soon it becomes part of you. Put some on and the compliments will start rolling in. 

Lightning Paw is nostalgic, feminine, and light, with a little hint of jasmine. 

Forêt is, naturally, the essence of forests, but it's also peaceful and fresh. 

Victory Wolf is our staff favorite—we've been wearing it nonstop. This scent makes you feel like it’s there for a reason, an event or an act caused it to be. It’s the lingering smoke left on your clothes after a night around the fire. 


Contains fractionated coconut oil, essential oils, key accords and absolutes.

9 ml